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The following can be found in the All Downloads option under the Downloads menu, however, you must have an account on the site to download any file, including free downloads.  If you do not have an account, you can apply for one via the Account Application page under the Login menu.

This download is a plugin with a free set of custom pages for the admin portal created as a collaboration between Bob Cornacchioli (Bob's web site is and Matt Freund.  There is also a version for full site subscribers in the premium downloads area with additional reports (see the FAQ below for more information).  The pages have some of the same functionality as the sqlReports Standards reports found here, but use different methods to create drop-down menus and the final output.  Below are some screenshots - the data in the screenshots is fictional data:

Main Menu - accessed by going to Special Functions, Custom Standards Reports.  All reports are current school only.


Standards Grades Search Tool - allows you to search for standards grades for the current school in the current year:


Standards Grades % Breakdown - allows you to see a breakdown of standards grades for a specific grade level for the current school in the current year:


Count of Assignments Tied to a Standard - shows how many assignments have been tied to standards at the current school for the current year.  Only assignments created within the date range are counted.


Count of Grades Given to a Standard - shows how many grades have been given to standards at the current school for the current year, based on the term selected by the user.




Do I need to be on a specific version of PowerSchool to use it?

Yes - you must be on PS 10 or higher.

Do I need to be running sqlReports to use it?

No - it runs independent of sqlReports.

Should I upgrade if I had the original SGST installed?

It's recommended that you upgrade as the older version of SGST will no longer be supported.

What's included in the premium version for full site subscribers?

The premium version includes the reports from above, plus the following:

Below is a screenshot from the Standards Tied to a Course report.  The output for the other reports is similar - a breakdown of how the standard was graded by each school that graded it:


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