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Scheduling Reports

The following is a list of reports that can be imported into sqlReports, version 4.3 or higher.  Clicking on the report name will take you to the page with the coding to import.  The screenshots were created from fictional data in a sample database provided by PowerSchool.  Reports with uploaded dates between 9/1/16 and 6/1/18 were originally uploaded to  If there are two dates, the - O is the original upload date and the - U is when an updated version was uploaded.

Admin Portal Reports

Report Name / Description Created By Uploaded

Count of Course Recommendations
Report that shows a count of course recommendations for the active students at the current school.  Easy way to find those with 0 recommendations.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 2/9/18

Course Recommendations by Course
Report that allows you to see which students have been recommended for a course.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 2/8/18

Course Recommendations by Student
Report that allows you to see which courses teachers have recommended for students.  Runs based on the current selection of students.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 2/8/18 - O
2/9/18 - U
  Course Recommendations by Teacher
Report that allows you to see recommendations made by a specific teacher.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 2/8/18

Course Recommendations Counts
Report that shows which teachers have recommended each course and a count per teacher as well as a grand total.  (screenshot)
  Matt Freund 3/19/18

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