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  General Information about sqlReports:  Release Notes - Version History - Acknowledgements
  How to Install a Plugin From This Site
  How to Import a sqlReports Report From This Site



  sqlReports 6.x Guides:
  Installation Guide  /  User Guide
  Add-Ons:  sqlExports (Pro)  /  sqlReports Q  /  Saved Params

sqlReports Premium Guides:
FAQ  /  Installation Guide  /  User Guide  /  Add-Ons

sqlReports Troubleshooting

  Basic sqlReports Troubleshooting - tips on things to try if you're getting a blank report
  Basic Troubleshooting - General Use - troubleshooting some general things with sqlReports
  Basic Troubleshooting - Cross-Site Scripting Errors - information regarding a change in PS as of PS 11.0.4
  Basic Troubleshooting - 50,000 Rows Max in sqlReports - information regarding a change in PS as of PS 12.0.4
  Common ORA Errors and What They Mean - what certain Oracle errors mean and how to fix them
  Dates and Times in sqlReports - date formatting in SQL is tricky when it comes to sqlReports and this should help
  It Works in Developer but not sqlReports - the main reasons why SQL works in a client but not in sqlReports

Basic How To's for sqlReports (how to import a report or install a plugin are available for everyone

  Change Grading Terms in Pivot Reports - a guide on how to change from quarters to trimesters or add semesters
  Create Drop-Down Menus - a guide on how to create your own drop-down menus
  Make sqlReports Available to Teachers - be sure to read this before using sqlReports - Teachers
  Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks for sqlReports - various other tips and tricks, such as system variables (curschoolid, etc.) and district vs school coding
  Use the Current Selection in a sqlReports Report - how to use the current selection of students in a report
  Using HTML Coding in sqlReports - how to add links and images, change colors, add progress bars, and center data

Learning and Using SQL

  PS Database Vocabulary - common terms with regards to the database
  Basic SQL - if you're not familiar with SQL or just want a refresher on the basics, start here
  Intermediate SQL - once you know the basics, move on to some more powerful commands
  Advanced SQL - how to use pivot tables and create derived tables with joins or withs
  Handy SQL for Teacher Reports in sqlReports - sql to use for class rosters or teacher specific reports
  Use PS Custom Fields in SQL - how to add either legacy or extended PS custom fields to your SQL
  Useful Joins on PS Tables - when to use studentid vs studentdcid and other useful joins

Oracle SQL Developer

  Getting Started and Running Queries - how to setup Oracle SQL Developer and run a query 
  Tables and Views - how to view the Tables and Views that are part of the database
  Tips and Tricks - some tips and tricks regarding joins, query builder, autocomplete, and preferences

Customization Related

  Using Custom Page Manager (PS 12.1+) - basic instructions for Custom Page Manager (CPM)
  Using Custom Page Manager (Pre PS 12.1) - basic instructions for Custom Page Manager (CPM)
  Adding Dynamic Elements to Pages - system variables, if statement, gpv commands, and drop-down menus
  How to Use SQL with Custom Pages - how to use tlist_sql in a custom page or in a json file
  Adding Single Series Charts to Pages - how to add a simple chart using the FusionCharts files that come with PS
  Using DataTables Coding on Custom Pages - how to make custom pages with HTML tables act like sqlReports