I've added 9 new reports to the Activities Reports area.  It only had three reports for awhile now and I decided to add more to it.  There are two sets of reports:

- Four of the reports begin with the words Three Activities and were the first set I made.  I was trying to figure out a way to work with the Activities table to pull information in a dynamic way, but the structure of the table doesn't lend itself to that because each activity is a field name.  What I was after was a way for an activities director or another admin to be able to make students in current activities the current selection in an easy manner, or be able to see information about those activities, such as which students were in multiple activities or counts of students in each one.  I figured three activities was a good starting point, but one could change the reports to include any number of activities.

- The other five reports came about afterwards when I was looking at some old custom reports I had online at SIS Resources years ago, and one had activities information based on using the custom field GetCF coding to pull activities data from the students table.  That peaked my curiosity to see if maybe I could make the dynamic reports I was after using the GetCF coding instead.  Took a little tweaking but I was able to get the reports I wanted that way instead.  The report 'Students and Their Activities' is a good example - it's a dynamic report that lists students at the current school who are in activities with a comma-delimited list of their activities in a column in the report.  

Two of the new reports are chart reports - both show how easy it can be to create multi-series charts with sqlReports.  I can't think of any other way to easily create such charts right in PS and those charts are a great way to view and analyze the data.





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