A new reports section has been added - At-Risk Reports - and five reports have been added to it to get it started, with more reports coming soon.  The reports focus on alerting admins or teachers to students with low grades or high attendance issues using a green (good), yellow (so-so), red (bad) coding scheme.  The initial five reports just look at grades and attendance, but future reports will include discipline / incident counts, as well as some other options.  

The reports allow the user to set different criteria for each color.  Three of the reports require the use of sqlReports Premium because they use six parameters, however, one could modify the SQL with set limits for each color and remove the user parameter options if you're not using sqlReports Premium.  (FYI - there's a bug in sqlReports Premium where the Parameter Directions do not appear in the Teacher Portal version.  10.1.0 will be released soon with a fix, but until then you could move the directions to the Report Description area instead.)





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