The latest version of sqlReports Premium, version 10.1.0, is now available and the release notes can be found here.  Anyone using sqlReports Premium should update to 10.1.0 because it fixes a couple bugs outlined in the release notes.  It also adds the header and footer parts to sqlCharts, as well as cleans up the printing of charts to where just the chart and any header and footer print vs other things on the screen printing too.  Also, a line was added to the sqlReports preferences page to where one can disable the coding to use the last set of parameters.  The only notable thing that happens when one does that is the drop-down menus always default back to the first line of the menu, which some people may prefer.  The setting isn't applicable to the Saved Params add-on because the add-on uses different coding.  Finally, the online user guide has a Functions tab added to it to cover the functions.

The free version of sqlReports will be updated soon with the printing changes for sqlCharts, adding the Functions tab to the online help, and the two new drop-downs in sqlReports Premium will be added to it as well.  The information on the Edit - Results Page tab will be re-organized into the pattern used by sqlReports Premium, which organizes things better, plus anyone who upgrades to the Premium version will be familiar with the page changes.