Saved Params is an add-on created by Matt Freund that will save the parameter information a user enters on a per-school basis. When the user runs the report again, the parameters are populated based on what was entered the last time the user ran the report at the school, and information appears at the bottom of the page giving the last date and time the report ran and the parameters that were used.  Below is a screenshot:

There is a version of the add-on for the admin portal and one for the teacher portal. 

Saved Params FAQ

Do I need to be on a certain version of sqlReports?

Yes - the download only contains files for the current versions of sqlReports.  The download is a modification of the params.html page of sqlReports, and since that page can change over time, the download only contains files for the most current version of sqlReports.

I saw that this is based on virtual tables - aren't they being discontinued?

Virtual tables for state reporting are being phased out, but virtual tables created by users for non-state reporting are not being discontinued.

Why isn't it based on extended tables?

The add-on was created when extended tables were in their infancy and coding it as an extended table then would have been difficult.  Also, some districts have difficulty installing plugins that use extended tables, so the current setup allows all districts to install and use it



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