sqlFormLetters is a customization that uses SQL to help create the content of a form letter.  Form letters can run in either the admin or teacher portal, and be for either students or staff.  It is only available to site subscribers as part of the Site Subscription.

sqlFormLetters can be used by admins or teachers to print a page of data per student as there are page breaks by students when the output is printed.  For example, if a nurse wants to print a shot report per student, one could use sql to retrieve the information and sqlFormLetters could be used to print them.  Admins or teachers could create letters showing attendance, discipline information, report card data, or anything that requres SQL to pull the data.  Letters can also be built based on staff data, such as lunch transactions per staff member or information about a teacher's set of courses.   The output is an HTML output page, so system variables and DAT's can also be used to pull data and CSS used to control the layout.

Below are some of the benefits to using sqlFormLetters:

  • It's laid out in a manner similar to sqlReports, so if you're familiar with sqlReports, you'll be familiar with it as well.
  • Because you can pull data using SQL, you can create letters not possible in legacy reports or ReportWorks.
  • Letters can be based on either student data or staff data, and use a wide range of codes and parameters.
  • Letters can have multiple SQL tables and/or charts, such as one for grades and another for attendance.
  • A teacher version is included - teachers could run letters for all their students on just ones in a specific section.

Following are some screenshots of sqlFormLetters - they were created from fictional data.  The sqlFormLetters layout is similar to sqlReports - one can create reports, limit access, and create new letters or import letters:


An admin gives each letter basic information and chooses which groups can run it.  Custom letter templates can also be used - a file resides on the server and it can use information from the letter setup, including run access, header and footer text, and parameters:


Header and footer text is saved with each letter, with a the ability to use field references, special commands, and some DAT codes:


The output of the letter is based on sql and can be either a data table or a chart.  System variables and/or sqlFormLetters parameters can be used in the sql:


Parameters are used much the same way as in sqlReports - they can be text entry, use calendars, or use drop-downs:


When an admin runs the letter, the parameters appear along with letter options:


When a teacher runs a letter, they also see any parameters, plus they have a drop-down to print for either all their students or they can choose one of their sections and print the letter for it:


sqlFormLetters FAQ

Do I need to be running sqlReports to use it?

No - it's a customization that's independent of sqlReports.

Does sqlFormLetters come with some examples?

Yes - click here to see letters that are on the site.


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