sqlReports Q allows an admin to schedule sqlReports reports to run automatically and then be viewable in the PS report queue.  It is only available to site subscribers as part of the Site Subscription. 

Instead of running a certain report every day, such as students who are new to the district or a grades or attendance report, the admin can just schedule it and check the report queue daily to see the results.  The admin can always run the report directly in sqlReports as well, but this will save admins time in some cases where they can just setup the report to run once and check the results daily.

sqlReports Q is based on the reporting engine and will show up under the Engine tab:



To run it, one clicks on sqlReports Q, which bring up an initial page with some options.  Options include when to run the report, and a drop-down menu of sqlReports reports that have been marked to run with sqlReports Q:


The processing options range from running the report right now, to scheduling it on a hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  This is the most powerful part of sqlReports Q:


If a user selects a report that has variables, boxes will appear where they can enter them, and those variables will be used when the report runs as well as future jobs if it's a scheduled report (the use of variables will not be available in the Lite version):


Once the admin clicks on the submit button, the job will end up in the report queue.  Here's a screenshot of a scheduled job:


After the job has run once, the line will change.  The results will overwrite previous results, so the queue won't get cluttered with jobs:


An admin can click on the Status link to see the results, which will appear as an html table in the browser.  An admin can click on the column heading to sort by that column, such as by Percent in the screenshot below.  There are no buttons to copy or export the information like in sqlReports 4, due to the fact an admin could just go to sqlReports 4 instead and run the report there.  This is more of a tool to display information on a regular basis with minimal steps:


sqlReports Q FAQ

Do I need to be on a certain version of sqlReports?

Yes - sqlReports 4 or higher.  Column sorting on the output only works if you're running sqlReports 4.7 or higher.

Do I need to load this for every report I want to automate?

No, you just load it once and choose the report you wish to use when you run it.  To use with another report, just run it again and choose the report.


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