Following are the site subscriptions that are available for purchase:

Full Site Subscription - access to premium reports, downloads, and support

  • Premium Reports - access to all current and new sqlReports reports at this site for one year
  • Premium Downloads - access to enhanced versions of sqlReports that includes the ability to assign multiple 'preferred admin groups', and the ability to easily change the sqlReports link in the teacher portal, plus access to sqlReports Q, sqlFormLetters, and Custom Links, plus any other premium miscellaneous download added to the site
  • Premium Support - access to the premium articles and documentation, plus access to the site support ticket system (coming soon), (support does not cover troubleshooting any sqlReports created by the user or answering general questions related to SQL)

Partial Site Subscriptions

For those who aren't interested in the full site subscription, there are options to just purchase parts of it:

  • Premium Reports Subscription - includes the information found in the Premium Reports part of the full site subscription
  • Premium Downloads and Support Subscription - includes the information found in the Premium Downloads and Premium Support parts of the full site subscription



The site subscriptions are sold based on the total number of active students on the server because sqlReports is used by all users with access to the server, and thus any reports or files from this site will be used by all users in the district.   The screenshot that shows the number of active students on the server is the one mentioned on the How To Order or Renew page. 

Below is an example of current pricing for the first three years for a district where the total number of active students falls within the 5001 - 6000 students range at the time of purchase and at each renewa (click here for the full pricing guide for districts with up to 50,000 students):

  Full Site
Premium Reports
Premium Downloads and
Support Subscrption
 First Year $700 $525 $525
 Second Year $350 $525 $525
 Third Year $350 $525 $525
 Total $1,400 $1,575 $1,575


In the examples above, the partial subscriptions would have a lower initial cost ($525 vs $700), but pricing would even out as of year two ($700 + $350 vs $525 + $525).  As of year three, a district would save money if they were using the full site subscription ($350 vs $525), so it's important to weigh the initial costs as well as possible long term costs if the decision is mainly based on money instead of the content of the subscriptions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the site subscription even if I'm hosted?


How do I order a subscription?

Please follow the steps outlined on the How to Order or Renew page on this site.

Where do I find information on renewing a subscription?

Visit the Renewal FAQ under the Subscriptions menu.

Are enrollment numbers for the first year order used in following years?

No - when it's time to renew, the district must provide a screenshot of the total number of active students at the time and pricing will be based on that screenshot.

Can my business buy a subscription?

Only if your business operates schools, such as charter schools.

Can I buy a subscription through a reseller?

No - SIS Resources is the sole provider and if a sole source letter is needed, please let Matt know.

Can I pro-rate a subscription?

It depends on the subscription (first year vs renewal).  Please contact Matt for more information.

Can I still use any premium reports and/or downloads after a subscription has expired?

Yes, but you won't be able to download any updates to either of them or receive support for them.  Please see the Renewal FAQ for other questions regarding expirations.

Can I upgrade from a partial subscription to a full site subscription?

Yes.  You will be charged the difference between the partial subscription price and the price for the first year of the full site subscription.

What happened to the sqlExports Subscription?

As of May 22, 2019, sqlExports is no longer being sold to new customers.  Please see this blog post for more information.