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sqlReports.net is the home for sqlReports, a free customization for use with PowerSchool that allows users to easily create and run interactive custom reports in either the admin or teacher portal.  sqlReports has been used by PowerSchool admins since 2009.  It's longevity and many other features has made it very popular. 

PS is primarily a data gathering program and you have a lot of data sitting in the database.  However, to view or analyze the data, you're at the mercy of tools and reports created by PS or others.  With sqlReports, there's no need to be at their mercy, or set up data transfers to 3rd party vendors, create and/or troubleshoot additional accounts or logins, or buy additional servers just to analyze and view the data that's sitting right there on your PowerSchool server.  You create reports that act basically like custom pages, but sqlReports keeps everything in one central location and makes a menu for you of the reports, so no need to create a lot of links to reports or have bundles of plugins installed - click here for an extended overview with screenshots.  

Once you use sqlReports, you'll see why it's one of the most popular and powerful customizations ever created!  Click on one of the images below or use the menu at the top of the screen to navigate this site:





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